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Accelerating the growth of small and minority-owned businesses for a stronger Georgia.

Connect. Grow. Celebrate.

Minority-owned businesses in Georgia provide over 575,000 jobs to hard-working Georgians and energize the state’s economy. Grow Georgia strives to power these businesses’ growth by connecting them to specialized resources, increasing their partnerships with Fortune 500 firms, and celebrating their success.

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Startup Village - Atlanta

Startup Village Atlanta

Atlanta Startup Village is a fun, informative, and inclusive forum for networking and feedback. A selected group of new or emerging startups get 5 minutes to pitch their business, with time for Q&A to discuss roadblocks, opportunities, and get feedback. This group is focused on startups, not just technology startups to broaden exposure and realize that all startups use technology and can benefit from one another.

Need more information? Want to see who is pitching? Check out Meetup & our blog to get all the details!

Small Business, Big Impact


Arcum wins tag

Arcum - powered by AI and community

Launching a startup takes a great idea, but building a company requires much more than that, including a robust network.

A leader with the skills to grow a network is essential for startups to scale, not only for presenting to …

Kevin Bongang

Creating Across Georgia with Kevin Bongang

Meet the multiservice artist that's making Georgia places pop. Kevin Bongang recently met up with team members from Georgia Power to share his journey living, and building a business, in Georgia.